Donovan is a documentary and commercial director and cinematographer. 

He got his start in Los Angeles in 2003 where he apprenticed for documentary and commercial directors such as Josh Taft, Don Davis, Jonathan Glazer, Tony Kaye, and Paul Hunter.

In 2007 he started directing. In 2012 he moved to Asia where he made films for Apple, Coca-Cola, Huawei, and Chevrolet in China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and India.

In 2014 that he was chosen by Industrial Light & Energy to direct their first IMAX style ride movie for the Chinese market. It was a 10 minute science fiction film in Mandarin for the Wanda Corporation and played in their new custom built cinema theme park in Wuhan. 

More recently Donovan has focused on making YouTube and Instagram content for smaller brands, especially in the natural food industry.

Donovan is conversant in Mandarin and Spanish.