Calcutta Street Life 12PM May 2nd, 2016

I'm in India to make a film for PACT Organic Apparel about their supply chain in Kolkata and Hydrabad. On my down day I walked around Calcutta's Bara Bazaar district and grabbed these images during a six mile walk. At first Calcutta was intimidating as a city. I've lived in China for years, but had never been in a place that was so "in your face" and so packed with people. After a few days, and an aggressive case of food poisoning, it became more normal to me.

I can't help but compare and contrast India and China as I have spent so much time in China. They both were at a similar level of development in 1950, almost starting from scratch. Both are two of the oldest cultures and have roughly a billion plus people. India went democratic and China went Authoritarian Mafia Style "faux Communism." 

The Communist Part is a horrible organization China is much less chaotic than India, and that made me wonder about the tradeoffs that you make for authoritarianism. It's not a good trade off in the end, and India seems to have a lot more soul deep inside, but China is a smoother ship.